framing experts

29 January 2020

Come along to see how a real, hand-made frame is made

digital compositions

29 January 2020

Maria Lavman Vetö’s prints play with color, surface / spatiality, scale and perception


16 January 2020

Apply for an internship with ed. art during spring 2020

stockholm towers

14 January 2020

Portraits of five Stockholm's most emblematic towers


7 January 2020

Christina Henrysson explores the places of pre-Christian Celtic culture where only a thin membrane was considered to separate the earthly and heavenly worlds

christmas times

27 November 2019

The dates to keep track of if you want to order art for Christmas

esoteric expressions

21 November 2019

Meditation, hypnagogic states and I Ching, allows Madeleine Aleman to create without prejudice

virtual spaces

21 November 2019

The performace duo Lundahl & Seitl takes the visitor to virtual spaces - now three excerpts from their worlds are available as intaglio prints

traces of nature

18 November 2019

In Maria Hall's new works, two worlds meet - the world of nature and that of abstraction

soulful landscapes

5 November 2019

Welcome to the launch of two new prints by Carin Ellberg on 13 November