stockholm spring

10 May 2021

New Stockholm etchings by Mikael Wahrby has become a sign of spring, just like Vårsalongen at Liljevalchs. This year Slussen and Pålsundet are depicted.

printing serigraphy

22 April 2021

We came along to the printshop, to see the creation of Elin Odentia's "Above and beyond me"

ed. art x SAK

21 April 2021

Buy Elin Odentia's print and get a free membership in Sweden's oldest art association

above and beyond me

21 April 2021

Elin Odentia has created a contemporary icon in sacred blue, an image that seeks to capture the greatness of the simple

in opposition

12 April 2021

After thirty years in the lime-light, Meta Isæus-Berlin concludes that she almost always finds herself going against the stream – convenience just doesn’t suit her.

lines as light as feathers

12 April 2021

With drypoint lines as light as feathers, Lars Nyberg creates portraits of landscapes and plants


10 March 2021

Ambiguity and monumentality in five Ann Edholm prints, now at ed-art.se

a meeting of lovers

9 March 2021

The sexual act in extreme close-up in Malou da Cunha Bang's new prints


15 February 2021

A symbol of creation and the source of life - seven new Spines prints by Maria Bajt now available

teletext art

25 January 2021

In 2015, Maria Lavman Vetö participated in The International Teletext Art Festival with "Nothing separates them"

setting types

22 January 2021

Lina Nordenström creates art with types from the letterpress workshop she has taken over

from another dimension

21 January 2021

With inspiration from anything between insect physiognomy to alchemy, Emil Holmer seeks to capture something out of another dimension than that of everyday life.


14 January 2021

Movement and gymnastics in Johanna Schartau's new prints

return of the grumpy old man

12 January 2021

Since the start, Ulla Wennberg's "surgubbar" have been part of ed. art's catalogue. Now, Wennberg has made a few hand-coloured versions.

most sold 2020

4 January 2021

Our most sold artworks 2020

mental layers

18 November 2020

Madeleine Aleman transfers dreams and moods from hypnagogue states to the printing plate