Jan Svenungsson


Technique: Lithography Edition: 27 Year: 2012 size, paper: 56,5 x 76 cm size, print: 53 x 76 cm

Price: €360.00

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Jan Svenungsson is perhaps best known for his chimneys. It started with photographs portraying chimneys, which then became real, brick monoliths, one always a meter higher than the other. But Svenungsson will call himself neither photographer nor sculptor, but simply an idea based artist. For many years, Svenungsson has devoted himself to man's vain attempts to perfectly reproduce and thus control our environment, often with maps as a recurring motif.

Jan Svenungsson is one of Sweden's most well renowned artists. He trained at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm in the late 1980s and has since exhibited worldwide. Today he lives in Berlin and Vienna, where he is professor at the University of Applied Arts.

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