ed. art provides framing as part of the purchase, to avoid your new artwork sitting unpacked in some dark corner for eternity. We cooperate with Ramverkstan on Birger Jarlsgatan in Stockholm.

We offer white, black or oak frames with mount or as box frames as a standard. But framing options might vary from artwork to artwork, depending on for example the wishes of the artist or the qualities of the artwork. If you have other wishes than the options given, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Svart ram utan passepartout

Jarl Ingvarsson's "En kopp sjö" in black frame without mount

Ekram ej passepartout

Jacob Dahlgren's "Constructing a New World" in oak framw without mount

Vit ram utan passepartout

Bo Söderströms "Orange-lila" in white frame without mount

Svart ram med passepartout

Leif Elggren's "KING" in black frame with mount

Vit ram med passepartout

John Körner's "Institution" in white frame with mount

Ekram med passepartout

Roger Metto's "Truck" in oak frame with mount

Cilla Ramnek, "Sakerna, Svängrummet II" in a white box

I want to frame my work in a different frame than the default, how do I do?

There are endless possibilities with framing, our pre-selected ones are only suggestions. Contact us if you want something else!

Can I frame my work in a frame from IKEA?

Do you want your work to live a long and healthy life we think you should turn to a real frame maker. This is because they use acid-free cardboard. The acid that is otherwise in mounts and cardboards will eventually cause your piece yellow, and in the very long run will be "eaten up" by the acid. The paper will wither away. In addition, a beautiful, custom made fram looks so much better!

What is a mount?

The mount in the cardboard frame that is sometimes placed around the work of art, within the frame. It is used to create a distance between the artwork and the frame - give it some air.

When does one use a mount?

This is of course a matter of taste, but prints which themselves have a wide border of white around the print itself do not generally need a mount. For artworks that have a small white border, the distance between the print itself and the frame is sometimes too short. The mount will then add some air to the framing. If the print goes right out to the edge of the paper, a mount will be a bad idea since it will cover parts of the print. In this case the paper is placed with a distance from the fram and the white cardboard behind the paper showing, instead.

What is a box frame?

A box frame means that the artwork is not pressed against the glass, but a small batten is placed between the frame and the backing cardboard, creating a box for the print to "breathe" in. It is a little more exclusive way of framing, suitable for example when the paper of the print is very thick, when the print has a relief or torn edges that are given more life when they are not pressed against the glass.


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How long will it take?

Framing takes about a week. Once we receive your order we will contact you and tell you exactly when the work is ready to be retrieved or sent. After that, expect a few days in the mail if you have asked to have your work sent to you. Please contact us if you have a particularly important dates, such as birthday, you want to catch, and we'll make sure it works out.