ed. art provides framing as part of the purchase. We partner with skilled framers across Stockholm to custom-make your frame after you have placed your order. Watch this little video to learn more about the art of making a frame.

All artworks come with a framing proposal. If you want to order another frame, just get in touch. The proposals are black and white wooden frames as well as wooden frames from oak, walnut, birch and light-stained birch. A few artworks come with a thinner metallic black frame.

Top to bottom: walnut, oak, birch and light-stained birch


Framing with mount

The mount is the cardboard frame that is sometimes placed around the work of art, within the frame. Most of the time it overlaps the artwork itself, hiding the edges of the artwork.

When does one use a mount?

This is of course a matter of taste, but we often put mounts on lithographs with cut edges and flatter paper and box frames on etchings and other hand-printed artworks that have deckle edges and more structure in the paper.

Linn Fernströms White elephant with mounLinn Fernström's "White elephant” in white frame with mount
Carl Hammouds The Announcement in black frame with mountCarl Hammoud's "The Announcement” in black frame with mount

”MalinMalin Gabriella Nordin's "Eyes of my mind I" in walnut frame with mount

”MalouMalou da Cunha Bang's "Grundform 3” in oak frame with mount

”MariMari Rantanen's "Golden egg” in birch frame with mount

”AnnaAnna Pajak's "Bones of the Flower" in light-stained birch frame with mount

Box frames

A box frame means that a small batten is inserted between the frame and the cardboard on which the artwork is attached. This allows the artwork can "breathe" more than in a frame with a mount. It is a framing that fits, for example, artworks that are printed on thick paper, artworks with a relief or artworks with deckle edges where you want to see more life in the paper than you do if you press it down and hide the edge with a mount.

lådinramning Box framing with a distance between the glass and the artwork

”Carin Carin Ellberg's "Landscape with others I” in white box frame

”Mikael Mikael Wahrby's "Slussen” in black box frame

Eklådeinramning Raha Rastifard's "Persian Vintage - Royal Flower" in oak box frame

”Jakob Jakob Ojanen's "Untitled” in walnut box frame

”Tove Tove Kjellmark's "Power Pose” in light-stained birch box

Björklåda Ann Edholm "Persona” in birch box frame

How long does it take?

Framing takes about two weeks. When we receive your order, we get back to you to let you know exactly when the artwork is ready to be picked up or sent. Then count on a few days in the mail, if you've chosen to have your artwork shipped. Get in touch if you need the artwork in time for a special date, like a birthday, and we’ll do our best for it to make it in time.