Help to choose and hang art

Need help choosing an artwork or combining new pieces with what you already have? We have two services to help you out.

Do you just need some help on the way? Find our video tutorials here

1. Free digital consultation with sketches

Do you need help choosing an artwork or seeing how a particular piece of art will look on your wall? Based on pictures of your walls and your existing art, we put together digital sketch proposals with artworks and frames.

2. Art hanging consultation at home including art worth SEK 5,000

Do you need help hanging your art and reviewing your art as a whole, on site? Book our popular art hanging consultation in the Stockholm area! During a two-hour visit, we look at all the art you have and how it can be supplemented with at least one new work from us.

The price is SEK 5,000 and the entire sum can be exchanged for art from ed. art. So if you’re thinking of buying an artwork from us, the visit is basically for free. We always get around to hang quite a few things during our two hours, otherwise we leave a sketch of the planned hanging. If you want us to stay longer and arrange the entire hanging, it costs SEK 1,500/hour. Invoicing takes place afterwards.

What to do:

Email us at info [@] ed-art.se:
- Write if you want a hanging consultation at home or a digital consultation
- Attach pictures of the walls you want help with
- Share your wishlist at ed-art.se or attach links to artworks from us - either a specific artwork you want help to test on your wall or a selection of ten artworks you like, so that we understand your taste
- For home visits, enter two to three suggested dates and your address. We mainly hang art on Mondays and Wednesdays.

If you want to give an art hanging consultation to someone, you can get a gift voucher here

The result

Examples of what the walls look like after we’ve visited a home.

Hanging art at Hannah Widell's

A home isn't really a home until there is art hanging on the walls. But when can you find the time to arrange it? We were given free rein to hang the art in the home of power businesswoman and influencer Hannah Widell. Here, the inherited and purchased art has stood on the floor, and there have been many spots to fill on the walls. We combined the existing art with a number of works from the ed. arts range, chosen by Hannah Widell, to create a cozy, personal, artful home.

In the home of Ida Lauga

In the home of brilliant decorator Ida Lauga, the strict, abstract art is combined with the playfully figurative. We had the honour of adding some art to the walls. Read more

Other homes