Art for companies och public buyers

With the help of fine art prints, you can fill large premises with high-quality art at an affordable price. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of customers in the public sector and the business world to find suitable works of art for their premises.

Book a viewing

We are more than happy to arrange viewings for companies and public buyers. Either you come to us on Hagagatan 14, Stockholm, or we’ll come to you with a selection of our range, or we’ll organize a video conference.

On Hagagatan, we prefer to do the more extensive viewings outside our regular opening hours, which are primarily aimed at private individuals. Feel free to call or email us to book a viewing! We travel from Kiruna to Trelleborg, so don't hesitate to get in touch even if you are located outside the Stockholm region and want a visit from us.

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Online order

Businesses and public buyers can pay by invoice or card in the checkout at ed-art.se, but often you have specific requests regarding i.e invoice references. In that case, email us, either links to the artworks you want to buy or simply a screenshot from the checkout.

We send e-invoices or pdf invoices, whatever you prefer. We usually send your package within three working days, if your order does not include frames. 99% of what you see on the website is stored in our drawers at Hagagatan 14, thus quickly dispatched.

Prices without VAT

At ed-art.se, all prices are listed including 25% VAT on the entire amount. For administrative reasons, we do not use the 12% artist VAT. To see the prices excluding VAT, go to the upper right corner, click on "Private customer" and choose "Business customer" instead. On mobile, go to the menu and do the same.

Or click this link: All artworks excluding VAT

Art hanging/consultation

Does your company need help hanging art in your premises? We are happy to visit you on site and help you place and hang art. We often use older artworks from your own collection and supplement them with new artworks from our range. Contact us to get to know more!

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Invite your employees to an inspiring trip into the world of fine art prints. What is the difference between a lithograph and an etching? What can artists actually create with the help of just a needle and a copper plate? Using lots of artwork from our drawers, we explain what fine art prints are and how artists work with printmaking techniques today.

The lecture can be addressed to those who work in the arts field and need more knowledge about printmaking techniques, but also to those who just wonder how the artwork inherited from grandmother was actually made.

Rent our space

Our space of about 40 square meters, always filled with art, is well suited for, for example, book releases, social gatherings or a small conference.

We are happy to tell you about our business and do a viewing or a lecture on printmaking as part of the visit.

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