Brus I
Brus I
Brus I
Brus I
Brus I

Linda Samuelsson

Brus I

The artwork consists of 4 separate sheets. When ordering framing, each sheet is framed in a separate frame.

Technique: Serigraphy Edition: 3 Year: 2016 size, paper: 154 x 198 cm size, print: 152 x 196 cm

Price: €1,056.00

In her work, Linda Samuelsson explores individual and collective dreams through the media. Based on the reality series, documentaries and newspapers, she creates a visual noise to move the focus from the surface to the content. This is visualized in large part through her prints, but also in other techniques such as video and sound. Several of the prints are based on real images whose content has been digitally "destroyed" by the manipulating the code.

Linda Samuelsson lives and works in Stockholm. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen.

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