gallery weekend: ömalm

gallery weekend: ömalm

During Gallery Weekend Stockholm 10-12 November ed. art will present an exhibition with new cyanotypes by Cecilia Ömalm.

Welcome to the opening night, Friday 10 November at 5-8 pm, artist talk at 5:30 pm.

Opening hours
Friday 10 November 5-8 pm
Saturday 11 November 12-6 pm

Sunday 12 November 12-4 pm

Cecilia Ömalm is one of the leading figures behind the return of the cyanotype as an artistic expression in Sweden in recent years. From being a relatively forgotten 19th-century photographic technique, today many people recognize the main characteristic of the cyanotype: the strong blue color created by iron salts.

The new artworks are bleached and dyed with herbs

In her new pictures, Cecilia Ömalm has experimented further with the technique and with the help of bleaching and plant dyeing has produced a muted, earthy color scale with tones of umber and ochre. The images are photograms, i.e. works created by the artist arranging objects directly on the paper. Both objects and shadows leave "imprints" in the surface of the paper when it is exposed with UV light, a negative image is created. The exhibition partly consists of pictures that clearly show which object were used, in the spirit of the 19th-century botanist and pioneer Anna Atkins. But on display is also a series of more abstract images where the viewer cannot immediately understand what he or she see; a play with positives and negatives, image and imprint.

The title Dear Anna refers to Anna Atkins (1799-1871), botanist and photographer as well as creator of the world's first photo book Photographs of British Algae, 1843.

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Cecilia Ömalm trained to be a photographer at the International Center for Photography in New York in the late 90s. Since the mid-2000s, she has had a successful career on the Swedish art scene, with a large number of exhibitions and works to be found in the Modern museet collection, among others.

All artworks by Cecilia Ömalm

Herbal blends in Cecilia Ömalm's studio

The artist's notes on coloring, exposure, etc

The images are produced according to the principle of the photogram - an object is placed directly on a light-sensitive paper