Cecilia Ömalm
b. 1974, Umeå

In her work, Cecilia Ömalm often uses a room, place or a state of being as a starting point. She is perhaps best known for her digital collages–often huge, detailed images in black and white where viewers are invited to peek into mysterious, ominous places. Ömalm bases her work on archive material from all of world history and fuses it to create these symbol-ridden places. In addition, she works with sculpture and photography, always with the investigation of places and rooms as a starting point. 

Cecilia Ömalm trained to be a photographer at the International Center for Photography in New York in the late 90s. Since the mid-2000s, she has had a successful career on the Swedish art scene, with a large number of exhibitions and works to be found in the Modern museet collection, among others.

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  • Sea of ​​Tranquility is a work created by using the sun's rays; a picture of a moon that is not a moon, not a place, but an eye, a thought or a state of being. Read more These works are exposed one by one in sunlight, therefore the edition is made as we go along. Currently there are 10 copies left in the edition, but these are not yet made. Contact us...

    5 000 SEK
  • Mysticism and occultism have always interested Cecilia Ömalm. The Vitriol suite consists of objects taken from the artist Lisa Jeannin's alchemical laboratory. Still lives have been photographed, transferred to a glass negative and exposed to sunlight against cyanotype paper. The iron solution on the paper creates blue tones a little different for each...

    4 200 SEK
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