Olle Borg is a Stockholm-based artist whose serigraphs we have been working with for a number of years. Recently, it occurred to Olle Borg that he had some prints from an old lithographic edition lying around in his drawers in the studio. It is now available at ed-art.se. This is how it came about, in Olle Borg’s own words:

"I don't remember how I got the somewhat crazy idea to make a print from an X-ray of my own skull, but anyway I called the X-ray department at Odenplan's medical center and asked if they could help me. The answer was: "No, not on Monday because then the machine will be serviced, but we can do it on Tuesday".

At first we tried with plates for skull X-rays, but it didn't turn out well since they are smaller. The nurse, who was now very involved in the project, suggested instead that we should use plates for chest x-rays. We had a lot of fun and in the X-ray that became the print, I am laughing

An X-ray image is basically an impression, there is no perspective because the rays go straight through the object and the more matter they have to pass through, the more light transmission there is in the X-ray image. We placed the X-ray directly on the litho plate and exposed the plate through the X-ray image. The print was then made in Måns Heidvall's litho workshop, Sibirien lito.

We exposed the plates for different lengths of time and then printed with transparent black to build up a gray scale. My idea was to eventually get to a black, but after 7(!) plates it had to be enough, I was happy with the gray scale by then."

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