ode to the fir

22 October 2020

In Ann Frössén's four new prints, the tall, strong, deep green fir tree is in focus

gallery weekend stockholm

21 October 2020

New works by Erik Jeor at ed. art during Gallery Weekend Stockholm

the flag project

12 October 2020

In The Flag Project, Jacob Dahlgren's abstract, colorful compositions are turned into flags.

the power of coincidence

6 October 2020

Kristina Stark seeks "the perfect coincidence" in her collographs

the logic of dreams

25 September 2020

Patrick Wagner tries to capture the logic of dreams in his new etchings

paying homage

11 September 2020

In Anna Pajak's new prints there is a wink to her predecessors. In the shape of a pelvic bone.

combining art and the TV

10 September 2020

In part 4 of our "Hanging art like a pro" video tutorial series, we hang art on the same wall as a TV

gaze, image and space

31 August 2020

In her new silkscreen prints, Disa Rytt asks where the room ends and the image begins.

summer times

5 June 2020

Showroom closed in July, but ed-art.se is open for orders all summer

art this summer

5 June 2020

Our favourite outdoor art venues to visit this summner