Johan Nobell

Hearts and flowers

Technique: Lithography Edition: 90 Year: 2020 size, paper: 59,5 x 46 cm size, print: 53 x 40 cm

Price: kr2,000.00

About frames

In often delicate pastel tones, Johan Nobell depicts hallucinatory dramas, seductive on the surface, but upon closer examination, sometimes terrifying, sometimes unpleasant, always thought-provoking and wondrous. More recently, Nobell's painting has been given a more abstract language, where the precisely depicted is mixed with the unknown and intangible.

Johan Nobell is educated at the Valand Academy in Gothenburg with a MFA in 1994 and has since exhibited around the world, with gallery representation in both Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and New York. His works can be found in a number of collections, in addition to municipalities and regions also at the Swedish Parliament.

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