Emilia Ilke

Hermanssons hundar

"Hermansson's dogs started when I saw a fantastic picture on Instagram that the ceramicist Kakan Hermansson posted. She had made her take on the classic sailor dogs that stand in every other window in windswept huts by the coast. Her dogs had something extra and I simply asked if I could paint them." Läs mer

Technique: Serigraphy Edition: 80 Year: 2022 size, paper: 45 x 55 cm size, print: 45 x 55 cm

Price: kr2,640.00

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Emilia Ilke is a multifaceted artist whose main working method for a long time has been the collage. In collaborations outside of the art world, she has used her favourite motifs in other circumstances and thus become known to a wide, International audience. Her subject matters are everyday objects or situations that she captures in simple shapes. Her palette often consists of earthy pastel tones.

For ed. art, Emilia Ilke has made two serigraphs in editions of 80, in collaboration with Atelier Landberg in Stockholm. Read more

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