Karen Gabel Madsen

Vilter vækst

Vilter vækst takes part of its motif from Gunnar Asplund's fantastic City Library in Stockholm. Just like in most of her works, in this piece Madsen works with double exposures of culture and nature – giant ferns seem to grow out of the City Library's stark white interior, having the same round shape as the room itself. Read more

Technique: Lithography Edition: 40 Year: 2022 size, paper: 52 x 71 cm size, print: 52 x 71 cm

Price: €342.00

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Karen Gabel Madsen's paintings have been described as multiple exposures of culture and nature. The painting teeters between abstraction and figuration, and Madsen’s motifs contain both landscape and architecture, often bridges, stations or even lifting cranes, which are fused with over- or underlying layers of foliage or other elements from nature. But man is absent, creating a fateful and mysterious mood in the pictures.

Karen Gabel Madsen has been exhibited all over Denmark and in Skåne. Works can be found in several important Danish collections and in Sweden, among others, in the collection of the Swedish National Public Art Council.

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