Bones of the flower
Bones of the flower
Bones of the flower
Bones of the flower

Anna Pajak

Bones of the flower

Technique: Photopolymer Edition: 18 Year: 2021 size, paper: 54 x 37 cm size, print: 35 x 24 cm

Price: €338.00

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Anna Pajak describes her painting as a way of falling. By letting go of control and opening up for the unexpected, she sets herself in contact with history, in conversation with women of the past. Pajak manages and brings forth their legacy, into our present times. The images hover between reality and fiction, between the space and the sea, a weightless state and the origin of all life; hyper-realistic details are mixed with enormous fields of colour.

Anna Pajak received her master's degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2020. Even before her degree, she was picked up by a private art gallery in Stockholm. In 2021, she was awarded the Queen Sonja Print Award Inspirational Award for young, promising artists exploring printmaking.

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