meteor rain

meteor rain

In the series Meteor Rain, Anna Pajak has drawn inspiration from a meteor shower that lit up the sky above the home in Småland. The print is a stone lithograph drawn directly on the limestone and, after printing, each print is hand-colored into a unique image with its own colors.

"I have just gone to bed, the phone lights up the room and I read on the news that tonight there will be a meteor shower, an unusual one and that it will be 150 years until the next one. I get dressed again. Bring the duvet to sit in the grass with the starry sky hanging over me. I make a few wishes at each shooting star, seven in total, and after two hours I decide to return to bed. Just before I go in, the heavens open.”

The lithograph is printed at Blackheart Press in Bubbemåla, Småland.

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