Malin Gabriella Nordin's lithograph Rising is now available at ed-art.se, an artwork in a larger format and lighter tones than Nordin's previous edition artworks.

Tell us about the project!

– The lithograph is based on a painting and this time I really tried to stick to the model. But as always, there is a curiosity to test new ways forward, so the motif grew over the course of the work, depending on what was needed for the composition at the time.

– When I paint, I never know where it will go, it is something that grows and takes place. I find it very difficult to work from sketches, even if I try, curiosity takes over. For me, painting is always a kind of exploration and that is what fascinates me the most. Compositions that pull in different directions and colours that take place and change the atmosphere, the feeling and the rhythm in one line that meets another, something that sprouts and grows and becomes a flow. A story that develops.

In lithography, the artist works in black on plastic films, one film for each color.

– In lithography, you print one color at a time, before adding the next plate. It's a completely different approach to building an image than I'm used to, which is exciting and creates new trains of thought for me. In the studio, I often work quickly and intuitively, mix colors gradually, paint over. In printmaking, I have to slow down the process and think as I paint one plate at a time, it is a bit like a puzzle to get everything in the right place.

– It is always incredible to come to Björn (Lumphé at Lumphé grafiska) and work with him, I wish I could do it more often and for longer.

What are you up to right now?

– I have recently changed studios and have just started in the new one. Last year I had three big solo exhibitions, so after that I've had to find my way back to studio work again. Now I am working for some larger exhibitions that will appear next year.

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About the lithograph
Technique: Lithography
Edition: 90
Year: 2023
Size, paper: 78,5 x 60 cm
Size, print: 69 x 51,5 cm
Paper: Arles 300 gr
Printed at Lumphé Litografiska on Långholmen in Stockholm

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