hanging art at ida lauga's

hanging art at ida lauga's

The moving and renovation dust has almost settled in the Lauga family's new townhouse in Farsta outside Stockholm. Ida Lauga – the decorator with a fantastic eye for environments that are beautiful and calm, yet personal – lives here with her family consisting of husband, two children, a dog and a rabbit.

It’s time to hang the art in the living room and we at ed. art are helping to do so, as well as finding suitable new artworks. Art is an given part of a home, according to Ida:

- Art makes such a difference in a room! I love mixing different types of art, and like playing with it, just like with the rest of the interiors in our home.

How do you choose what to hang on your walls?

- I love all types of art and let my feelings guide me. It must be love at first sight!

Photos by family friend Ida Borg are already hanging by the stairs, but Ida has also selected a couple of new artworks from ed. art:

Clay Ketter "Road" in the home of Ida Laugas

- For a long time, we have been looking for something to hang over the sofa. We wanted something that really took up space, but was still somehow neutral. The whole time we were looking for something more abstract, but then we immediately got hooked on Clay Ketter's road motif, it was absolutely perfect!

"Alla får spela" and "Hermanssons hundar" by Emilia Ilke in the home of Ida Lauga

Emilia Ilke's two serigraphs "Hermansson's dogs" and "Alla får spela" are hanging on the opposite wall:

- I've loved Emilia's art for a long time, and I think her playfulness and colors go so well with the decor in our house! They feel completely at home hanging above the table, and I also liked the idea that they got to hang together; what a team!

Christina Henrysson "Thin places - Untitled" in the home of Ida Lauga

Christina Henrysson's small untitled monotype (a print that was only made in one copy) hangs in the middle of the photo art wall:

- I really got hooked on Christina Henrysson's colors. On that wall, I wanted to add something that contrasted with all the photographs. It's small but very powerful!

What do you have in mind when you hang art?

- It’s fun to play with proportions, hang a huge painting on a small wall, several together on another, and let a tiny one take up a lot of space on a large wall. I prefer to test a lot and a lot of different things. Things just fly up on the walls in our home! It doesn't always turn out right, but it's also not the whole world to patch up a small hole if there is one too many. I think everyone should dare to try more! It's not forever just because you make a hole.

ed. art hangs art in the home of Ida Lauga

This time we came in and did the work instead, how did that feel?

– It was really valuable being able to test the artworks at home. And then it's incredibly luxurious to get help from someone with a spirit level and a concrete drill. Things have never been done so properly in this house before!

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Photos by Fanny Rådvik