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Emilia Ilke

Alla får spela

"The piano has been around since childhood. I trained as a classical pianist as a six-year-old and have many mixed experiences from those lessons. Sluggish keys, hand sweat and a strict teacher among other things." Read more

Technique: Silk screen Edition: 80 Year: 2022 size, paper: 45 x 55 cm size, print: 45 x 55 cm

Price: kr2,640.00

About frames

Emilia Ilke is a multifaceted artist whose main working method is collage. In playful images, she twists and turns recurring everyday objects and simple shapes such as the urn, the vase and the cup. Her palette consists of earthy pastel tones.

For ed. art, Emilia Ilke has made two serigraphs in editions of 80, in collaboration with Atelier Landberg in Stockholm. Read more

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