nature calling

nature calling

We are pleased to present a new collaboration with the artist Nasrin Taghizadeh. Her works stem from a love of craftsmanship and an unbridled desire to experiment.

In 2007 Nasrin Taghizadeh started working with printmaking, before that she devoted herself to painting and ceramics. Within prints, she fell for the collography technique. Here, she uses fabric, wire, paper, cardboard and cut-out shapes to build up her printing plate. The compositions are then dyed with printing ink, placed against a paper and run through the printing press to create an impression. Her collography printing plates and arrangements can be used only once, thus most of Taghizadeh's prints are unique.

The motifs are often from nature and the graphic black and white birch trunk is a recurring feature in her pictures.

Nasrin Taghizadeh is educated at Gerlesborg School. In 2022, she received the Swedish Printmaker's Association's scholarship for her playfulness and skill.

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