an inner travel

an inner travel

We are pleased to present new serigraphs by Birgitta Samuelsson who has been an influential figure in Swedish printmaking for many years, previously as a lecturer in screen printing at Konstfack. Today, Birgitta Samuelsson only works with her own art, both painting, prints and public art.

In her previous works, Samuelsson has often started out from the playful movements of a water surface. The new prints are much more rigid, with angular shapes that are repeated and shifted. The work with the new images has in many ways been about finding structure and balance in the artist's own life after she has been diagnosed with a serious disease.

- I have worked to find new forms, arrange, organize both at work and in life in general. Living with contrasts, shifting between emotional states.

Printing work in full swing, in the summer workshop of Birgitta Samuelsson in Swedish Hälsingland, with a magnificent mountain view

But working with the strong colors has also been a way for Birgitta Samuelsson to travel in the mind, as she lived in complete quarantine for a long time due to the pandemic and her lack of immune system.

- I have had to compensate for missed trips and experiences with the color. Working with color has become my lifeline, which has really given me strength. I think it has been absolutely crucial for my treatment to give such good results.