let us hang your art!

let us hang your art!

Let us come to your home and get your art in order! During a two-hour meeting, we will help you arrange a mix of old and new artworks on your walls. 

After seven years at ed. art, we have noticed that the most common problem you have is to actually hang the artworks on your walls, and combine what you already have with something new. This is where our new hanging consultation comes into the picture. Now we can come to your home and review how existing and new art can be arranged. If we have time to hang something during our two hours, we are happy to do so!

The price is SEK 5,000 and the entire sum can be exchanged for art from the ed. art catalogue. If you want us to stay longer and arrange the entire hanging, it costs SEK 1,500 / hour. We make home visits in the Stockholm area, if you live further away, we will arrange digital meetings.

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Read an interview with ed. art's Elisabeth Blennow Calälv about hanging art (in Swedish, Rum Hemma July 2021)

Our first home visit went to the power woman Hannah Widell. Here, the inherited and purchased art has above all been leaning against the walls since moving in. The existing artworks also need to be supplemented with new works of art to elevate the totality. Prior to the visit, Hannah Widell had selected a number of works on ed-art.se, that we brought along to the meeting. On location, we identified which spots needed art, placed existing works and combined them with new ones.

And as a result, we got a very happy customer: “A home is not finished until there is art on the walls. Have never succeeded with that before (have always used floors and other things for placing pictures). Not this time either. There are artworks on the walls – I haven’t fixed it, but the professionals from @ed_art.se did" Hannah Widell writes on her Insta profile.

See the whole process:

Painting to the left by Bobo Wallmansson, not from ed. art. Gallery wall from left: Linn Fernström "Tvåstegsvandra i solsystem", Johan Nobell "Unspoiled monsters", painting by Lukas Göthman, not from ed. art, Carl Hammoud "The Announcement"

Boat painting to the left, not from ed. art. Above the bed: Nacho Tatjer "Let it burn. Summertime"

Nacho Tatjer "Let it burn. Summertime"

Sy Willmer "Cold cuts"

Mikael Wahrby "Stadsbiblioteket", Patrick Wager "European Rain I", Tobias Törnqvist "Ta med mig när du går"