We’re happy to present prints by Christina Henrysson, an artist working with the interaction between photography and painting or prints where transparency, movement and light are recurring elements. The visible and the invisible, sensations; opposites such as darkness and light, weight and lightness are found here. It is usually not the object itself that is interesting but the surface, movement and light. She is inspired by Impressionism where the interest lies in what is between the eye and the object - the transparency. She often starts by looking at reality through the camera, and then approaches the subject further by processing it through painting or prints; developing an abstract quality from something more concrete.

For the Thin Places series, Christina Henrysson has visited and photographed locations in Scotland, England, Ireland and Northern Ireland that were considered particularly important in the pre-Christian Celtic tradition. For the pre-Christian Celts, so-called thin places or liminal places were sites where only a thin pellicle was considered to separate the earthly and the eternal/heavenly world. Here, both dimensions could be experienced simultaneously, and the boundaries were dissolved. The significance of the sites followed into Christian Celtic history. The boundary between earth and sky and sea dissolves and disappears, and we catch a glimpse of something greater – something eternal. Abstract aquatint etchings are also part of the series, as representations of abstract thin places, spaces or landscapes.

Christina Henrysson is educated at the Royal College of Art in Stockholm, with a further education in printmaking. She lives and works in Stockholm.

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