esoteric expressions

We are pleased to present new prints by Madeleine Aleman, an artist who tirelessly seeks new ways for her work. In her longing to work with color, she has explored the technique of monotype printmaking, a method in which the artist paints directly on the printing plate. The result from one print is what has brought the process forward – the artist has kept painting on the same plate without cleaning it. What’s left of the old print has formed traces of the past in the ones that follow. Like memories. Like dreams. A way to search beyond and dare to get lost.

To access layers other than intellect and craftsmanship, Madeleine Aleman practices meditation, Carl Gustav Jung's technique Active Imagination to reach hypnagogic states, as well as divination with the Chinese oracle I Ching. Hypnagogic states and dreams are important sources of inspiration. As an artist, to put oneself in hypnagogic states offers the opportunity to clear away layers of preconceived notions of what is "good art" and not, to get around incorporated habit patterns, to find a more direct, inner mode of expression.

Madeleine Aleman uses different expressions, materials and techniques in her art, but the driving force is the same; she integrates what she is passionate about, namely art, psychology and spirituality. The artistic work is a way for Aleman to understand herself and that which is beyond the worldly.