ode to the spruce

Most of the ed. art's followers probably know Ann Frössén, with whom we have worked since the start in 2014. Ann works with painting, video and prints, often with nature as a source of inspiration. Now she has made a new series of digital collages where the spruce stands in the center.

Ann Frössén

Why the spruce?

- Spruce trees, all conifers but especially spruces, are close to me. I have depicted them since the 70's, mostly inspired by Carl Fredrik Hill and his unruly spruces next to waterfalls. They have, to me, a strong presence in the forest, tall, strong, with a deep green color.

Spruce trees have often sheltered me and offered protection from rain and wind. When the wind blows, there are beautiful wave motions in the branches. Over the years, I have portrayed them in every conceivable way.

This time, Ann Frössén has depicted them using digital technology, where she works with photographic collages in the computer, which are then printed with age-resistant pigments on acid-free art paper.

The four works are called "Let me grow", "Let me be", "Let me know" and "Let me see". 


- The titles are about the desire to exist, to be who you are, to be a little at peace in order to be free in your artistic development and that perhaps knowledge - to know - gives peace. This applies to both artistic development and the spruces of the forest. The trees needs rest to grow!