Genomströmning II
Genomströmning II

LG Lundberg

Genomströmning II

Technique: Serigraphy Edition: 75 Year: 1976 size, paper: 76 x 63 cm size, print: 59 x 48 cm

Price: €216.00

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LG Lundberg is perhaps best known for his fences. For six years in the 70's he devoted himself to painting only fences. As an artist, Lundberg is of course not alone in focusing on the same motif to drill all the way to the core, but the industriousness of the approach is still impressive. Today it is not primarily the fence, but the landscape of the Stockholm archipelago that interests Lundberg, but the investigative approach remains a cornerstone of his oeuvre.

Lars Gösta Lundberg had his first solo exhibition in 1966 and has since exhibited around Sweden and Europe. In 2014 he was nominated for the prestigious Carnegie Art Award for Nordic art.

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