Julie Sass

Untitled I

Edition: 22 E.V (small variations between each print in the edition)

Hand cut and hand colored chine-collé with sugar lift aquatint.

Technique: Etching Edition: 22 Year: 2016 size, paper: 53 x 39 cm size, print: 24 x 20 cm

Price: kr3,520.00

About frames

Julie Sass’ primary concern as an artist is space, matter and materiality. Her painterly works often consist of overlaying partially transparent layers with geometric forms. Shifts in shapes and colours give her work the feeling of being in a state of flux, and even though it seems the balance she achieved is momentary, Sass manages to build a sense of harmony. 

Sass studied visual art at the Danish Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen and at New York University, where she specialized in painting.

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