Morten Schelde
b. 1972, Copenhagen

Morten Schelde’s main tool is the pencil, from which his fantastical worlds - both abstract and figurative - flow. Schelde’s work is often based on photographs, but by allowing the picture to take the detour via the body, the subject changes and additional dimensions are added. Schelde distorts the rooms and turns them inside out when he creates his worlds, often inhabited by wolves, bears and horses. The drawings as well as Schelde’s prints are often monochrome, from afar creating a unified picture of what upon closer examination is a wondrous, whirling world. 

Schelde grew up in Copenhagen, where he currently works, after a few years of activity in Berlin. He graduated from the Copenhagen Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2001 and has since exhibited widely in Northern Europe and the United States in both art galleries and and museums.

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