We at ed. art are very proud to present eight new monotypes by Sigrid Sandström!

Sandström is one of Sweden’s most prominent painters of today, professor at the Royal Institute of Art since a number of years and very well represented in museum collections. On Thursday 14 March 5-7 pm, we present the new prints at Hagagatan 14 and Sigrid Sandström will tell us a little about the process and thoughts behind the work, which was carried out together with printmaker Jenny Olsson.

Discussions between Sigrid Sandström and Jenny Olsson in Olssons's workshop Tellus, starting up the printing process

Monotypes are unique prints whose method is close to painting. The difference is that the artist works on a surface that is transferred to paper by running it through a printing press, instead of the work being carried out directly on the paper. Sigrid Sandström has previously worked in this technique and, for each print, improvised images with the help of stencils and different kinds of paper cuttings. Although each individual print is unique, it is possible to get so-called "ghost" prints and work on these for a second print. This means that there is often a series of prints that reflect each other to some extent. They can be seen as repetitions, alternative variants from the same starting point; an effect of echo, like vague visual memories that are renegotiated and become new images.

What's the imprint like? The image that emerges when the printing medium has been run against the paper through the press is all its own, but still an echo of the "original". 

In her painting practice, Sigrid Sandström also makes use of printmaking techniques; the paintings are divided up in lots and sections that are printed by hand with different materials. The surprise that occurs when the printing medium is removed, exposing the actual impression, has become crucial for the artist's entire working process, where chance is alternated with carefully deliberated decisions.

Many different techniques have been used to get the final result, among others collography, where Sigrid Sandström built "plates" from different materials, which have been inked and run against the paper through the press

The starting point for this project was to make big prints and to find and use a certain transparency in the ink, since it allows the artist to use the white of the paper as a source of light. Various materials were used in the printing process, such as aluminum foil, fabric (tarlatan) and plastic foil with thin layers of ink. Sigrid Sandström has worked consciously with the impression – images that immediately remind us that we are looking at an imprint, something that is no longer there. The image as a trace. In this case, the medium is visually different from the imprint. Because even if the imprint reflects the model, the image that has emerged is entirely unique. The imprint both reports backwards in time and is a completely new image.

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Sigrid Sandström "Untitled I (2019)"

Sigrid Sandström "Untitled II (2019)"

Sigrid Sandström "Untitled III (2019)"

Sigrid Sandström "Untitled IV (2019)"

Sigrid Sandström "Untitled V (2019)"

Sigrid Sandström "Untitled VI (2019)"

Sigrid Sandström "Untitled VII (2019)"

Sigrid Sandström "Untitled VIII (2019)"