Artworks by Ann Frössén

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ode to the spruce

22 October 2020

In Ann Frössén's four new prints, the tall, strong, deep green spruce is in focus

the unknown and the familiar

21 February 2019

In Ann Frössén's new prints, the sea is a metaphor for how we live our lives

advent calendar

1 December 2018

ed. art's artists select their favourite artworks, one per day until Christmas

autumn exhibition

24 August 2017

Autumn means new artworks at Svenskt tenn on Strandvägen, Stockholm

green sea

2 March 2016

Intriguing seas by Ann Frössén

they'll vanish someday with your name

11 September 2015

The Zaman brothers, behind online art journal C-print, curate a mini exhibition at ed-art.se

svenskt tenn

22 June 2015

ed. artworks at Svenskt tenn