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30 January 2024

Come along when the intaglio printmaking master Mikael Wahrby creates his new Stockholm etchings

the water palace

8 February 2022

Mikael Wahrby's new artwork at the Liljevalchs Spring salon

most sold 2021

17 December 2021

Our most sold editions 2021

stockholm spring

10 May 2021

New Stockholm etchings by Mikael Wahrby has become a sign of spring, just like Vårsalongen at Liljevalchs. This year Slussen and Pålsundet are depicted.

most sold 2020

4 January 2021

Our most sold artworks 2020

stockholm towers

14 January 2020

Portraits of five Stockholm's most emblematic towers

popup västermalm

7 October 2019

100 sqm of art on Kungsholmen 10-13 October


22 January 2019

Mikael Wahrby's etched depictions of classical Stockholm views

advent calendar

1 December 2018

ed. art's artists select their favourite artworks, one per day until Christmas

the stockholm wanderer

15 January 2018

Mikael Wahrby has made four masterly Stockholm etchings