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Untitled II 2018
Untitled II 2018

Disa Rytt

FRAME SALE Untitled II 2018

Sometimes we frame artworks for exhibitions and other types of collaborations. And our small showroom gets too full, thus our little frame sale. Mind you, the sale is only on one print of the edition in this specific frame. More framed artworks with reduced prices.

Regular price: SEK 4 450

Technique: Silk screen Edition: 18 size, paper: 48 x 32 cm size, print: 48 x 32 cm

Price: kr2,920.00

About frames

Disa Rytt sees her artistic work as an exploration of all the materials of painting, where space, light and our own perception are crucial factors to determine how the works will be experienced. Therefore, all the components of an artwork  are tested–canvas, color and frame all help to create the final work. Hence, Rytt's work today is as much sculpture as painting–she experiments with transparent canvases, paintings that continue from the canvas onto the wall, artworks placed in the middle of the room which can thus be viewed from all directions and colors so strong that they almost step out of the picture, towards the viewer. When it comes to printmaking, she has conceived several series of silkscreen prints.

Disa Rytt graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 and has since exhibited both galleries and museums around Sweden. She has received a number of scholarships, including the prestigious Bærtling scholarship awarded to young artists who work in Bærtling's spirit.

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