How do you get your art to look its finest on your walls? How do you mix old and new artworks? How do you arrange a harmonious hanging, that is still not too rigid? At ed. art we have a lot of experience in handling and hanging art, so we decided to share a little. You'll find our video tutorials further down on this page.

Art hanging consultation

Do you need a  help getting the art up on your wall? Maybe you have inherited art that needs to be paired with something contemporary to feel up-to-date? We're here to help!

Home consultation including art worth SEK 5,000

Book our popular art hanging consultation! If you live in the Stockholm area, we will come to your home for a two-hour visit. We look at all the art you have and also how it could be combined with something new from our range. 

The price is SEK 5,000 and the entire sum can be exchanged for art from ed. art. We hang as much art as we can during our stay, if you want us to stay longer and arrange the entire hanging, it costs SEK 1,500/hour. Otherwise we'll leave a sketch with all measurements for you to follow.

If you live further away we'll book a digital meeting and you'll send images of the walls and artworks you need help with. After discussions with you, we'll make photo sketches that you can use when hanging your art.

How does it work?

1. Take some snapshots of the walls that you need help with and the artworks you have.
2. Send us an email with the images. We'll find a suitable date for a meeting.
3. Before we come, make a wishlist at ed-art.se with you 10 favourite artworks. We'll bring these and possibly others that we find suitable. (They're not framed, so don't worry if they're more than ten)
4. During our two hours there'll be a lot of carrying artworks around to see what fits where and which one goes together with which. 
5. We'll hang as much as we can, which is usually quite a lot, depending on the scope pf your wishes. If we don't have time to hang everything, we'll leave a sketch with measurements and placements. Or we'll stay on and finish at a cost of SEK1,500/hour.
6. After the meeting, you'll have well-composed art-hangings on your wall and at least one new artwork!

If you want to give an art hanging consultation to someone, you can get a gift voucher here


Hanging art at Hannah Widell's

A home isn't really a home until there is art hanging on the walls. But when can you find the time to arrange it just as nicely as you want it to be? We were given free rein to hang the art in the home of power businesswoman and influencer Hannah Widell. Here, the inherited and purchased art has stood on the floor, and there have been many spots to fill on the walls. We combined the existing art with a number of works from the ed. arts range, chosen by Hannah Widell, to create a cozy, nice, personal, artful home.

Hanging art like a pro, tutorial series

Lesson 1: Finding the height

Want to hang artworks of different sizes side by side, and still get a harmonious hanging? Leveling the top can make the artworks look like clothes on a line. Leveling the centre might be disturbing if your artworks vary a lot in size. Happily, there's a trick everyone in the arts business knows: hanging by a horizontal line at 1/3 of the artwork.

In this video, ed. art founder Elisabeth Blennow Calälv shows how to get a harmonious and balanced art wall, combining three artworks of different size: Cecilia Ömalm's "Le Grand Bleu", Annette Flensburgs "Untitled (brown)" och Morten Buchs "Untitled"

Lesson 2: The gallery wall

Combining several artworks in a group can lift an artwork, or nullify it – all depending on how it's done. Of course, it's mostly a matter of taste, but a few simple guidelines will make the job much easier.

In this video, ed. art founder Elisabeth Blennow Calälv combines 6 artworks to create a well-composed gallery wall.

Lesson 3: The gallery wall at home

Creating a neat gallery wall in a white room (like we did in Part 2) with 150 framed artworks to choose from, might not be too hard. But how do you do it at home, where there is furniture and artworks that you feel don't really fit together?

We got to come home to Josefin and Daniel, to rehang the artworks in their combined dining room/living room. To create a more dynamic arrangement than the current, we divided the artworks in two clusters and tried to create a more playful wall without making it too crazy. 

Lesson 4: Art around the TV

The most common object to place on a wall, aside artworks, is probably a TV. But often, the TV ends up looking like the shining sun in the midst of the artworks/planets circling around it. How do you combine a TV with art, without the TV totally dominating the wall?

We've visited two homes and in this video try to share the process and also some of the lessons we've drawn from these visits, trying to combine art with a TV.