the tears of moira

the tears of moira

In her art, Maria Bajt mixes elements from different traditions; pop art can be interwoven with ancient mythology. In the new series of unique serigraphs Moira's Tears she is inspired by the Moira of Greek mythology (also the three Moiras who were daughters of Nyx). The Moira was a personal being and the goddess of fate, who presides over the beginning and end of human life. Moira cries to use her emotions to process things that happen in the outside world and understand the meaning of life. 

You’ll now find six unique prints from the series at ed-art.se. Other works from the series will be shown at Teckningsmuseet in Laholm this summer, and were part of the exhibition Flos Potentia at Konsthallen Hishult in April

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Four of the prints framed in our showroom in Stockholm

All prints are unique and hand-printed