the result

Those who did not have the time to pass by the pop up gallery at Grev turegatan 1 during the period of April 20 to May 14 will of course not miss the fine result of the hanging. This is the final result!

From the left: Eva Beierheimer NYC Gold, serigraphs. Straight ahead: Disa Rytt Untitled I, II and III, serigraphs. To the right: Anette Flensburg Untitled I and IIphotogravureFollowed by: Marie-Louise Ekman Skuggdam med barn, lithograph.

From the left: Helene Billgren Slutet gott allting gott and Flickor i Bordeaux, serigraphs and fp-engraving. Thereafter: Jakob Ojanen Untitled IX, VII and VIII, monotypes, Marie-Louise Ekman Liggande figurer and skuggor, lithographTo the right: Helene Billgren burnt ice, orange, just before mint och looking at winter, fp-engraving, Fredrik Söderberg Turning Back to Nature, lithograph.

From the left: Helene Billgren Slutet gott allting gott, serigraphJakob Ojanen Untitled IX, VII and VIII.

From the left: Fredrik Söderberg Turning Back to Nature, lithographEva Beierheimer NYC Goldserigraphs.

From the left: Anette Flensburg Untitled I and II, photogravureMarie-Louise Ekman Skuggdam med barn, lithograph. Along with: Helene Billgren Slutet gott allting gott and Flickor i Bordeaux, serigraph and fp-engraving

From the left: Max Book Born greedy and Ostuga, lithographs. Followed by: Joanna Hellgren Doppad, Övernattning and Gömställe, dry pointAstrid Mynteker Palmstroke, photogravureWith: Liv Strömquist Isprinsessa, serigraph.

Furthest to the left: Disa Rytt Utan titel 1, 2 and 3, serigraphs. From the top of the stairs: Jacob Dahlgren Constructing a New World, serigraphMax Book Born greedy and. Along with: Joanna Hellgren Doppad, Övernattning and Gömställe, dry point.

From the left: Sara Granér Grisstaden and All I want, serigraphsEmil Holmer: Julia Thorell Evas träd, serigraph

From the left: Jesper Nyrén Utan titel 2 and 3, etching. With: Jacob Dahlgren Constructing a New World, serigraph.

From the left: Helene Billgren Flickor i porslin, fp-engraving. With: Cilla Ramnek Sakerna, svängrummet II, III and IV,