the power of coincidence

At ed. art, we just received new, unique prints by Kristina Stark. The previous prints we had by Kristina were more figurative, and the artist herself admits that these are the most abstract images she has made. But those who want to, will easily be able to make out one or another landscape in the pictures. The more organic forms are derived from cut-out silhouettes of lichens and mosses. But the artist has used the cut-out, negative form of lichen because it is precisely the less arranged, random expression she is looking for. Or as she puts it: "The perfect coincidence"

The works are collographs, which is a term that comes from the French coller, to glue. In collography, printing plates are built from materials that are often joined together with glue, hence the name. Kristina has used all sorts of materials - broken plates, pieces of cardboard and cut-out stencils. She then inked these and ran them through the printing press.

Read more about the artist and see her artworks here