Maria Bajt's unique serigraphs "Spines" are inspired by the supporting structure of the spine, both its shape, but also as a symbol of creation and the source of life. There are now seven works in the series at ed-art.se.

The Swedish, today Berlin-based, artist Maria Bajt draws inspiration from many different types of sources, but what unites the works is a special interest in women’s history, symbolism and mythology.

- I collect a lot of my work material from archaeological excavations and examine objects such as ceramics and terracotta figurines from different epochs, says Maria Bajt. Lately, I have been particularly interested in the Neolithic era. The repetitive patterns and traces of the ceramic objects tell more about their origin than one sees at first glance. It is a visual language that conceals eternal narratives.

The serigraphs in the "Spines" series consist of several vertically merged elements that form monoliths. Patterns animate the monoliths and provide them with a skin. The vertical shapes are inspired by the primary structure of the backbone, both in shape and as a symbol.

- "Spines" carries fragments of stories that deal with creation and the source of life. My field of interest is the borderland or the meeting between science and science fiction, dream and reality, what is commonly known as magical realism.