Nothing comes from nothing. Everything can be derived from something else. In Erik Jeor's Signal suite, the friction between the work of other artists has become the starting point for his own. The Signal suite consists of eight digital drawings, in which the artist has brought the field of vision of the original work forward in the transformation of the existing work to the new, the other's and his own. A three-dimensional dialogue arises - from the source, to the new work and further to the viewer.

Why? The question brings Jeor back to the more general question of what art really is for. His answer is to portray a view of his loved ones – further on to others - himself, his existence and thus convey his experiences. 

This is Erik Jeor's first printmaking project, and the new suite differs significantly from the watercolors he has become known for. In his painting practice, the creation happens on the basis of the color's own logic, gravity and physical weight. But the same artistic logic remains; Jeor  is concerned that his work should be easily accessible, to awaken a feeling rather than a thought, to be the observer's companion rather than guide. 

All eight drawings have an artistic or figurative model that the work stands in dialogue with, along with the viewer: Come see!


Signal 01. Hannah Weiner Signal Flag Poems S.M.S. No. 3. 1968. Taken from the international signal flag alphabet for shipping, where each flag has its own name: A Alpha, B Bravo, R Romeo, J Juliet.

Signal 02. Hermetic charts, navigation maps, Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks and backward text.

Signal 03. Karl Nawrot's book, "Mind walks", 2019.

Signal 04. Ellsworth Kelly "1950's Smoke from Chimneys, Automatic Drawing from Rue de Blainville", 1950.

Signal 05. Tide charts and medieval cosmographies.

Signal 06. Tantric paintings from Rajasthan "Dance of Energy".

Signal 07. Semaphore flag system, a system for sending messages by holding the arms or two flags or poles in certain positions.

Signal 08. The International Maritime Signal Flags, a French World War I poster.