selected by sköna hem

Since a year, ed. art runs an art club with interior magazine Sköna hem. The art club presents a selection of ed. art’s artworks to the magazine's readers. Here, the Sköna hem editorial team choose their Art Club favorites.

"My favorite among all the beautiful and cool works of art in the Sköna hem art club is “Det ljus som delats”  by super talented Kristina Bength. I'm fascinated by the enigmatic empty space ... What has happened here? It's mysterious, beautiful and appealing, in a way that makes me think of my great idol Edward Hopper." - Claes Blom, Editor in Chief

"My personal favorite is Cilla Ramnek's “Sakerna, svängrummet 1”. The illustrations by multidisciplinary artist Cilla awaken massive thoughts in me, she works cross-border and I think her graphic shapes are dreamy and clear at the same time. I'm sucked into them!" - Cecilia von Mentzer, Editor

"Laboratories have always fascinated me, in my imagination more like a place of romantic mysticism than strict science. Something I think is emphasized by the magic blue color and the strange stone in Cecilia Ömalm's work VitriolAn image that I wouldn’t mind adding a secretive feeling to my home." - Li Winther, editorial editor

"Malin Gabriella Nordin is a shooting star to keep an eye on! Her exciting world of shapes and rich colours is fearless, imaginative and eye-catching. The Traveler is a gem on the wall, and a breath of fresh air in the interior at home now that spring – the great time for starting over – is here." - Anna Ekdahl, Editor

"My favorite is Ängen (the Meadow) by Annette Hammarén. The work leads me into a dreamy world and sets a calm. I am drawn to the beautiful shades that create a magical harmony. It will be the the cherry on top in my living room." - Marita Jemdahl, Art Director