sandström at vandalorum

sandström at vandalorum

Don't miss Sigrid Sandström's large exhibition that recently opened at Vandalorum in Värnamo and runs until April 2023. In the museum's largest hall, new, monumental paintings by Sandström are shown, hanging freely in the room. The works are thus intended to be experienced from both sides, with a front and back of equal dignity.

"The fleeting and indeterminable play an important role in Sandström's painting practice. The works are rarely experienced as static, but as being in constant motion. What at first glance may appear to be a form-based experiment, the next may moment turns into an illusion of dizzying depth. Sandström's works rarely have an obvious direction, which contributes to the feeling of mutability. This, combined with Sandström's choice of colors — where nature's muted gray scales are often set against brilliant, clear shades — makes the works almost vibrate" Vandalorum writes in his exhibition presentation.

Sigrid Sandström's paintings are reflections on the nature of painting and image-making itself. The work that had a figurative approach in Sandström's early career, has evolved over the years and has come to focus on the creative process itself. Her art is a constant exploration of the relationship between the motion of the hand - vision - perception.

Sandström is one of most well-renowned painters of her generation, with a number of major exhibitions both in the US and Sweden. She is also a committed professor of fine arts specializing in painting, formerly at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, presently at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, where she continues to foster new generations of artists. Sandström herself studied at Yale University School of Art, graduating in 2001.

A catalog has also been produced for the exhibition with a newly written text by the German author and art writer Martin Herbert as well as newly taken photos by photographer Patrik Lindell, who also took the exhibition photo on this page.

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