pajak praised

We're happy to present three new prints by Anna Pajak, who has been presented with the Queen Sonja Print Award Inspirational Award 2020. The Queen Sonja Print Award is the world's leading award for graphic art. The award is presented every other year by the HM Queen Sonja Art Foundation, which was established in 2011 to generate interest in and promote the development of graphic art.

The QSPA Inspirational Award is awarded a Nordic artist who is currently pursuing, or has recently completed, his or her art education, and whose artistic practice makes active use of printmaking as an important means of expression. 

The jury's motivation reads:

"Anna Pajak intermittently uses printmaking techniques, painting and text to inform her practice, drawing on the modernist esoteric movement to connect to a feminist take on image making and text production.

The jury is impressed by the artist’s spatial and geometrical explorations, the examination of surface, patterns, and depths. The way in which the formal language in her printmaking and painting interconnect, mutually informing one another. Colour and symbols, perspectives and imagery merge into almost futuristic entities where the abstract meets the figurative, and where the feminist spiritualist approach is re-forged into a contemporary language."

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Anna Pajak in front of her painting The Space Between Us, presented at Wetterling gallery May 27 - July 3, 2021