ömalm at liljevalchs

ömalm at liljevalchs

Don't miss visiting Liljevalchs public art gallery in Stockholm this summer! The exhibition Stockholm's Cosmology is underway here; an attempt to showcase Stockholm's globalized art scene by reflecting on a number of interesting artists with international points of contact.

Cecilia Ömalm participates with the project Ad Lucem/Mot ljuset which she runs together with the astronomer Göran Östlin. Together, since the start of the project in 2019, they have had access to astronomical images - both historical and modern - which they have converted into cyanotypes. A central work is exposures from a total solar eclipse taken during the Royal Academy of Sciences' expedition to Ångermanland in 1914. In the same year, the construction of Liljevalchs began. In the center of the hall stands one of the three original negatives from 1914.

At ed-art.se, we have just posted new cyanotypes by Cecilia Ömalm. The small work Binocular moon that we released in December also has strong points of contact with the Liljevalchs exhibition.

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