most sold 2020

Time to sum up 2020 och start 2021. Perhaps with one of our most popular artworks? Here is a list of our most sold works of art 2020:

1. Malin Gabriella Nordin - Eyes of my mind II

2. Linn Fernström - Painting

3. Mikael Wahrby - Telefonplan

4. Carin Ellberg - Landscape with others I & II

5. Malin Gabriella Nordin - Eyes of my mind I

6. Roger Metto - Western Swing

7. Annette Hammarén - Myren

8. Charlotte Gyllenhammar - Smaragd

9. Maria Lavman Vetö - Portal B

10. Annette Hammarén - Dunge

Mind you - since we have over 1000 artworks online and you are pretty good at choosing different artworks, we're not dealing in large quantities of each print. Editions are always limited and many times, they are very small. Like Annette Hammarén's Dunge, made in an edition of 25.⁠

These prints are made in different techniques, but all are printed on acid-free paper with light-resistant inks, some hand-printed. None are reproductions of a painting or the likes, they are all made to be artworks in their own right, not copies of something else. Those are the parameters of quality that we stick to.⁠

Read more about what to consider when buying edition art online.