masterly drypoint prints

masterly drypoint prints

During Stockholm Art Week 9-14 may 2023, ed. art will show a selection of masterly drypoint prints by some of Sweden’s most skilled drypoint artists. This is a unique opportunity to see a selection of drypoint prints from the archive of legendary printmaker Siv Johansson – by artists such as Lena Cronqvist, Lars Lerin, Hans Wigert and others. These are accompanied by contemporary drypoint prints by Linn Fernström, Lars Nyberg, Eva Beierheimer, Malou da Cunha Bang, Mats Svensson, Gudrun Åsling and Nasrin Taghizadeh. 

We want to highlight the amazing craftsmanship behind this old artistic mode of expression and show how it is used and updated in today’s artworld. Drypoint is one of the oldest methods of art printmaking, dating back to the 15th century. The technique is simple yet refined – by creating scratches in the surface of a plate, the artist can multiply his or her artwork. Drypoint prints have their own characteristics, the softness of the lines being perhaps the most important one.

Welcome to a talk with Siv Johansson Saturday 13 May at 15.

Opening hours during Stockholm Art Week
Tuesday & Thursday 12-16
Saturday & Sunday 12-16

Create your own drypoint print 13-14 May!
Learn the basics of drypoint printmaking by creating your own print. With the help of any kind of sharp object, a plexiglass plate, cotton rag paper and a small printing press, all ed. art visitors during the Stockholm Art Week weekend 13-14 May will be able to create their own drypoint print. Children are most welcome but should be the age of 6 or older.