lito session

This autumn we're launching a collaboration with Linn Fernström. In connection with har large exhibition opening at Galerie Forsblom in August, we will release four new lithographs, printed by Lumphé Litografiska in Stockholm. Come along to the printing workshop where these new works are created:

Fernström working on the mylar films which are then transferred to plates. One plate for each colour. 

The plate needs to be cleaned from impurities before the ink is added and the paper run through the press

Björn Lumphé preparing the printing session

It's time for the orange plate to be printed!

Linn Fernström and Björn Lumphé reviewing one of the first test prints of the orange plate. Will this do?

The printing press

Happy times when things work out smoothly (which is not always the case)

A whole lot of ink to choose from