holmer at pelikan

On November 3, an exhibition with paintings and prints by Emil Holmer opens at the classic Restaurang Pelikan on Södermalm in Stockholm. In his prints, Holmer blends old-fashioned woodcut with digital techniques in the pursuit of an expression that gives resonance.

The Granite and the Methane VII, woodcut and acrylic, 2017

The artist himself describes his work thus:

For me, making a picture is a way of moving into the unknown. When I work, I feel that the tools change at the same pace as they try to touch upon their theme; they mutate in a constant movement.

In the process of "The Granite And The Methane", I have mixed woodcut with digital methods. Visual information is distorted, altered, enlarged or overwritten in ways reminiscent of the methods of contemporary electronic music.

The starting point is an abstract woodcut that is transferred digitally or in the copying machine, then copied onto wood and cut out again, to be printed and in some cases digitally processed, etc.

Sometimes, this process is repeated several times before I find an expression that gives resonance.

Other images are created entirely by hand without any other interference, but as a reaction in a process where the computer is involved. It's all about a flow.

I'm not looking to remove the subjective or human expression, but to mutate it with something else. A line cut out in a wooden board for me automatically has a relation to writing, human or other.

Philosophy, literature and music play a role in my process and how I define my work. The title is taken from a novel by Philip K. Dick. To me, it’s about the transcience of humanity and existence, from a cosmic perspective.

More info on the Facebook-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1537441036323415

The Granite and the Methane I, woodcut and acrylic, 2017

The Longing, woodcut and acrylic, 2017

The Granite and the Methane II, woodcut and acrylic, 2017

The Granite and the Methane VI, woodcut and acrylic, 2017

Dwell, woodcut and acrylic, 2017