gallery weekend stockholm

gallery weekend stockholm

During Gallery Weekend Stockholm 13-14 November, ed. art will present Malou da Cunha Bang's project In the gaps in our showroom on Hagagatan 14. Saturday the 13th at 3 pm, ed. art's Elisabeth Blennow Calälv will hold an artist talk with Malou da Cunha Bang. 

Opening hours during the weekend
Saturday 13 November 12 noon-6 pm, artist talk at 3 pm
Sunday 14 November 12 noon-4 pm

In the project “In the gaps”, Malou da Cunha Bang explores the paradoxical nature of intimacy, through an encounter between two lovers. The project focuses on the duality of the sexually intimate encounter; to let go and be present at the same time. It is a study of the nature of presence and a showdown with the expectation that everything else disappears during the intimate encounter.

"In the gaps" consists of a series of dry-point prints and aquatint etchings, overview images and close-ups. The timeline is clear and creates the exhibition's momentum and movement: in the zoomed-out images we see a 'before' and an 'after', while the artist in the close-ups zooms in on the act itself to such an extent that it becomes abstract. At ed. art, we have previously presented the series of small dry-point prints called Grundform. During Gallery Weekend, these are now supplemented with several very large etchings, made in small editions. 

Through the journey from before to after, from concrete to abstract, da Cunha Bang elegantly emphasizes her point, that in the sex act, the closeness almost turns into a counter-intuitive abstraction. One drowns (also as a spectator) in the unfocused and cannot orient oneself in the carnality of the close-ups.

The closeness between the lovers is ironically the most obvious in the overview images. Here, the viewer can detect the story, and the link between the two subjects is obvious; they know each other so well that the separation between them is not dangerous. There is no need to seductively undress one another, but each one manages to fling off their own clothes, so that the action can begin. With their backs to each other, they each arrange all practicalities, and in that safe trust, the real intimacy is found.

The prints that make up the “In the gaps” series are made in very small editions and many of the ones on show in Stockholm are the last remaining in the series. Three of the works have been bought by the Danish State Arts Fund, one of the most important art collections in Denmark.

Malou da Cunha Bang graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2016 and has since lived and worked in Copenhagen. She works with video and photography, but first and foremost printmaking. 2020 she was nominated to the prestigious Queen Sonja Print Award. 

Gallery Weekend Stockholm was started in 2019 to highlight everything that is going on in the city's galleries. After a 2020 marked by the pandemic, we are going for a packed 2021 program with exhibitions, talks and performances around Stockholm. For the whole program, go to gallery-weekend-stockholm.com

Artworks released for sale on Saturday 13 November 12 noon:

Takt I, drypoint, size framed 119x89 cm, print size 80x62cm, edition 2. Price SEK18,800 with frame.

Takt II, drypoint, edition 1, size framed 137x103 cm, print size 99x76 cm. Price SEK22,000kr with frame.Förtrolig I, spit bite aquatint etching, size framed 110x75 cm, edition 2. Price SEK14,500 with frame.

Förtrolig II, spit bite aquatint etching, edition 1, size framed 137x103 cm, print size 86x71 cm. Price SEK22,000 with frame.

Förtrolig III, spit bite aquatint etching, size framed 119x89 cm, print size 75x62cm, edition 1. Price SEK18,800 with frame.