The French-Swedish artist duo Gfeller+Hellsgård is in constant quest to test and push the boundaries of screen-printing, by deconstructing its conventions, techniques and formal structures. In the series of mono-prints “W.O.P” (Work on Paper), each unique print is conceived like an experimental painting, in which accidents and errors play an important part, with intentional overlaps, smudges, bleeding, glitches and transparencies.

The series of works is approached as a struggle, a negotiation with the image over a long period of time (up to several years sometimes). Layers after layers, the picture takes over and fights for its own life. Experimentation can not be about control. In the “W.O.P” series, chance is given a new prominence to create an evocative fractal landscape of shapes, colours and depth. 

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About the printing technique: Monoprint is the designation of prints that are unique, but which have been built up based on printing elements that can that are used several times and therefore can reappear in several pictures.