fernström at liljevalchs

Linn Fernström is now opening a large solo exhibition in Stockholm. She is the first exhibitor in Liljevalchs +, the fantastic concrete and glass extension to Stockholm's art gallery Liljevalchs, after the introductory exhibition of the architecture that opened the building in September this year.

In these bright halls, Fernström presents completely new paintings and sculptures. Liljevalch's own presentation of the exhibition sums it all up so well:

"Linn Fernström's painterly narrative is completely her own. The actions of the humans depicted hint at relationships, at loss and at the search for a direction in life. The slightly surreal and thoughtful feature is consistent, as well as the intricate alternation between reality and fiction.

The painterly manner is stubborn, persistent and in the midst of it all, we sense a throbbing loneliness created by the fact that we are all part of something bigger, that often seems completely incomprehensible. For Linn Fernström, it all seems to be about finding a human position, about escape and wonder, but also about comfort and desire among insects and birds, among faces and gestures.

And in the middle of all the narration, there is this obvious desire for painting itself, for the rhythms of the color on the canvas' surface, for the color and shape. Fernström's goal is an interaction between surface and depth. ”

Over the years, Linn Fernström has worked actively with editions, both drypoint and lithography. At ed. art, we have released four lithographs, some of which are now selling out, but there are still a few copies left in the editions of 150. In addition, Fernström is a master of drypoint. The black and white images are produced by the artist working with the needle directly in copper plate which is then printed in small editions. These prints have been produced by Siv Johansson, Sweden's foremost drypoint printer.

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