Sofie Proos' new etchings are based on the project The Comet of 1797, which was presented as a book in April. For several years, Proos has been working with older portraits, a series she calls Portrait Revisited. In these portraits she has come across various destinies and stories that she has felt did not fit into an exhibition space. Therefore, in another way, she decided to shed light on some historically interesting women and chose to do so in book form.

The book depicts in words and pictures Mary Wollstonecraft and Caroline Herschel, two fascinating women who lived in the late 18th century England. Both observed the same comet in 1797, but it came to mean very different things to them. The comet was what Sofie Proos used to weave their two stories together.

For the book, Proos produced both prints and ink paintings. For the etchings, both the printing plates and the prints are produced by Sofie Proos herself in the new premises of the KKV in Farsta, Stockholm

“I think that the process itself is such a large part of the expression that I cannot imagine letting anyone else do it for me. It is from the work on one plate that the idea for the next print springs."

When purchasing an etching, a copy of the book The Comet of 1797 is included.

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