combining art and the TV

The most common object to place on a wall, aside artworks, is probably a TV. But often, the TV ends up looking like the shining sun in the midst of the artworks/planets circling around it. How do you combine a TV with art, without the TV totally dominating the wall?

We've visited two homes and in this video try to share the process and also some of the lessons we've drawn from these visits, trying to combine art with a TV.

A lot of the artworks belong to the clients, but some of them are from ed. art: 

At Kristina och Peter's in Uppsala we're hanging "Thin places - Causeway coast" and a cyanotype (sold out) av Christina Henrysson, a dry-point gravure by Mats Svensson and Telefonplan av Mikael Wahrby

IN the final hanging at Josefin och Daniel's we hang Stadsbiblioteket (the City Library) by Mikael Wahrby  and a small, unique, pink print by Annette Hammarén. During the process we're testing a few other artworks which are tagged to this article.